How to Decorate Hamptons Style

Hamptons style is a blend of elegant and luxury design which originated in the grande beach houses of Long Island, New York. This beautiful design style is no longer reserved for wealthy New Yorkers. Hamptons style is a wonderful way to give your home a luxury holiday feel. 
There are some key elements to consider when creating a Hamptons style decor. consider the following Hamptons design elements when decorating your home.
The colour palate
Traditional Hamptons style features a base palate of blue and white. This can either be in the form of deep navy and indigo blue paired with white or you can opt for more softer palate such as duck egg blue and dove grey to create a serene, sophisticated style.
When it comes to furnishing, we recommend sticking with neutral palate and add pops of blue to add colour and interest.  Our beautiful blue art work collection would be a great way to add colour, without over powering the space. 
Add patterns and Texture
Hamptons style is all about the comfortable and relaxed feel and one of the greatest ways to do this is by adding texture and pattern. Texture and pattern also combine to create a visually interesting and inviting home. 
We’ve just talked about how using neutral base palate of shades of white, beige and grey with pops of blue is synonymous for Hamptons style. Now we want to build on this space and add interest in the form of texture and patterns. This could be achieved by using beautiful natural fabrics in the form of cushions, sheers and throws. Natural fabrics are fabrics like linens, soft cotton and jute. You could also add interest to a room by hanging artworks in groups of  two or three to maintain balance and design harmony.  
Another great way to add interest is in the form of patterns. For Hamptons style, try using nautical themed patterns such as a nautical stripe in the form of cushions and artworks. Floral prints and floral fabrics are a great way to create a more sophisticated Hamptons look. 
The furnishings
When you walk into a room that’s decorated in Hamptons style, you will notice how not only does it look beautiful and elegant, but also feels inviting and a space to relax and unwind in. Soft furnishings are so important in finishing off a Hamptons style interior. They add interest, warmth and colour to a room. 
When choosing furniture to suit Hamptons style, think of pieces which look elegant and look for pieces that look like they will look beautiful for years to come. Hamptons style is a classic style and one that’s here to stay.  Generally Hamptons style furniture tends to be large and inviting. Opt for solid wood pieces, made out of more traditional wood species such as American and French oak. Furniture made from Rattan and Wicker are also good choices. 
Think of lots of soft furnishings such as cushions, throws and rugs. Art works with blue hues will really finish off a space and black frames will create a great contrast against neutral walls normally found in Hamptons style homes. If you're looking for a more coastal feel then prints framed in white frames will create a more coastal look. 
The finishing touches
Hamptons style interiors are visually interesting and exciting spaces. They are never boring! Use Hamptons inspired accessories to finish a space and tie it all in together. We recommend choosing artwork and accessories that draws inspiration from natural environments. Think of the kinds of things you would see when walking along a beach or through the country side. Corals, shells, botanicals and driftwood are all Hamptons style subjects. 
These are all the elements of Hamptons style, its a beautifully timeless look and your family will enjoy coming home to a relaxed, warm and inviting home.