How to Choose Wall Art For Your Home

Sometimes choosing wall art prints to finish off your home can be challenging. Our interior designers have taken the time to give you some tips on how to choose wall art and give your home the wow factor. 


Your Wall Art Theme
By choosing wall art which complements the theme of your interior, the space will work cohesively. If you’ve picked a coastal style for your home with fresh shades of blue and white, then nautical and coastal wall art prints such as shells, coral and beach prints will look beautiful in your home. For an elegant Hamptons style, classic art, with subjects of vintage flowers and foliage will also work well. If you have a more modern style home then abstract art and clean lines will tie in perfectly.


Art Size
Art should create a statement whilst not drawing attention away from other features in the room. It’s important to choose the right size artwork to complement the size of the room. Small wall art pieces in a large room won’t look right just as large framed pictures in a small room won't work. We recommend also grouping artwork , preferably in odd numbers, such as in a set of three. When artworks are grouped in this way, they add balance and interest to a room. 



The Frame
Black and white are excellent choices for framing as they are timeless colours and will never go out of fashion. They can also offer much needed contrast against both the print and the walls of your home. Timber frames can also look great and will work well in coastal and modern interiors.
Hang your art at the correct height
All too often people hang their artworks at the incorrect height, mostly too high.  The perfect height for hanging artwork is generally at the average eye level. For art prints which will be viewed in the standing position such as entrances and hallways, one simple trick is to position your artwork so that the middle/ centre of your artwork is 1500mm from the floor. In rooms such as living rooms where you do a lot of sitting, you may wish to lower the artwork.
At the end of the day, choosing artwork for your home is meant to be fun and the above tips are a guideline only, you don’t need to be too rigid with them!